Fourpure – Pils

Fourpure - Pils

Fourpure Brewing Co – Pils
Abv: 4.7%  IBU: 35  OG: 10.5

The Beer: Wonderfully fruity , hoppy aromas hit you as soon as the can is opened; slightly opaque, gold-amber in colour, good frothy head; plenty of hops in the flavour, some orange peel (thinking seville marmalade); bitterness all the way through, velvety smooth, medium bodied.

Thoughts: I’m fast becoming a fan of Fourpure, its certainly on my visit list the next trip to London. There are some great flavours coming out in this, reminds me of Marmalade Vodka at times. The cloudy aspect reminds me of an unfiltered Pilsner. A little more bitter than I would have expected from a Pils, but then again my tastes are geared up to Czech Pilsners which I am more used to; but never the less, this is a great beer.

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