Purple Moose – Dark side of the Moose (revisited)

Purple Moose - Dark Side of Moose

Purple Moose – Dark Side of the Moose

I first wrote about this beer back in Dec 2007 (it is still posted somewhere on the site). Since then Purple Moose Brewery seems to have gone from strength to strength with Dark Side winning several awards. What makes this all the more special after all these years is finding it stocked in a local supermarket in Ramsey, Isle of Man, they now export this stuff. Excellent!

Purple Moose – Dark side of the Moose; 4.6% abv

Aroma: Dark roasted hoppy aroma with some sweet edges

Appearance: Very dark brown; clear when held up to the light; tan very frothy head which went quickly

Taste: rich bitter taste that has hints of toffee and caramels without being too strong;

Mouthfeel: somewhat hard water taste; smooth levels of carbonation, medium bodied; deliciously rich with a bitter taste that is long lasting.

This is still a fabulous beer. When I originally wrote about this back in 2007 I really thought highly of it and I still do. What is interesting to me given the intervening years is finding this is a porter style, interesting in that this is a style I rather like. Given the choice between the heavier stout or lighter porter I would take the former, but at least my tastes have remained constant. Hopefully me finding it in Isle of Man means it is going to get a greater exposure in the UK and put Porthmadog on the map for another reason.

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