Primator – English Pale Ale

Primator - English Pale Ale

I really have something against ‘E’ numbers in the ingredients section of any beer. Primator seems to have made a pact with the additives vendors and insists on adding E300 (an antioxidant) to most of their beers. But in the interest of tasting new beers – Primator brew a rather large selection of bottled beers – I am trying out the English Pale Ale (EPA). I rather like a good ale and so here we go.

The Beer: 5% (apparently, I couldn’t find it on the bottle anywhere); light smell of hops; murky-brown-amber in colour; light taste; very fizzy

Really don’t know where they are trying to go with this. I can only say that it tastes like an ale flovoured pils. Maybe I was unlucky with the one I got since others rave about it. Honestly I could not find anything EPA about it. Just a bland experience. Didn’t finish it, went back to Prazdroj. I would give it another try on the basis that it could have been a bad bottle.

Update: So many people who have read this (some have also commented) have asked me to give this another try. On the basis that I have a new beer mug (no, I don’t really need an excuse) I am willing to. At least once I have some of the others out of the way.

Website: Primator

Also: Found an article on Prague Monitor’s Beer site by Evan Rail of the fabulous Good Beer Guide to Prague and Czech Republic fame.

8 thoughts on “Primator – English Pale Ale

  1. Im sorry to know you didn’t like this beer. I’ve always liked it a lot. I don’t know if it’s true to the style, but honestly, I don’t care about styles too much anyway.
    I’ve had it many times both bottled and draught and I’ve never found it too fizzy. I wouldn’t say that the taste is very intense, but it’s very pleasant just the same. Nice beer for summer.
    I understand your issue with the E’s. Im not a big fan of them either, and wish breweries didn’t use them. But E300 is actually vitamin C, and, as far as I can tell, it doesn’t affect the taste.

  2. Yes, E300 is Vit-C (could they start marketing beer as being nutritious, probably). Its a general dislike of beers that have any kind of chemical additive. My guess it comes from having far too many German beers and being indoctrinated with the purity-laws of German beer.
    Having said that, I just felt that the beer in general wasn’t going anywhere. I know that this has its fans (as much as I know people balk at the idea that Pilsner Urquell can be a good beer). All I can say is enjoy the beer 🙂 and thanks for taking time to read the blog, taking the time to comment, etc.

  3. I share your view on chemical additives, but I think you have an all too romantic view of the Bavarian Purity law. It was always protectionist and to promote the use of barley over other cereals (somewhere I read that the person who created that law had massive barley plantations, if no the monopoly of it back then), not to mention to force the use of hops as preservatives. Hops are hard to grow, whereas nettle and other ingredients that were commonly used back then grew pretty much everywhere.
    Moreover, the law never guaranteed the quality, but the use of certain ingredients, and nowadays it is a marketing tool since there isn’t a single beer (well maybe some barley malt only lambics, if there are any) that abides to it (the law never contemplated the use of yeasts).
    The success of the law is due to Bavaria putting that it should be adopted in the whole of Germany as a condition to join the federation in 1870.
    Personally, I think that it wasn’t a very good thing for beer. Fortunately English and Belgians didn’t give a damn about it and continued brewing beer the way they felt like and now there are some Czech brewers, like Primátor and many micros, that have started to use and experiment with other ingredients.
    OH! and by the way. good beer IS very nutritious.
    As for Pilsner Urquell, I honestly dont like too much the bottled or keg stuff, but I still love having a pint of tanková every now and again. I believe that there are better golden lagers out there than Prazdroj.
    And I still think that Primátor deserves some praise for trying to do something different, and not only with this beer, their Weizen is really good and it’s getting more and more popular. They have a nice line of strong beers and they are a bloody city owned company!!! This EPA was never going to be like an EPA in England, water and malts are different here. Maybe you made a mistake by comparing it with what you now from England. To a certain extent, styles should be ingored all together, to concentrate on what’s in the bottle.

  4. I still stand by my assertion that this beer wasn’t going anywhere. Yes, I do admire Primator for taking on the big players in CZ by providing a large selection, it is good to see such a large range from any brewer. EPA just didn’t do it for me, unlike the White beer that does now have a permanent place in the fridge.
    When it comes to additives and Germanic purity laws, point taken.
    I have also added your blog to blogroll. Thx.

  5. It wasn’t my intention to change your review of Primator EPA. It all goes down to personal tastes at the end of the day. As long as the opinion is honest, and i believe yours is, it can’t be questioned.

  6. To be honest if it means having another beer I am open to try something more than once 🙂 It has been queued up and sitting in the fridge, this is going to be a full week. BTW, like the blog.

  7. Im glad you do. I haven’t had much time lately to go shopping for new beers. My life is kind of hectic at the moment, but I want to start reviewing bottled beers again soon. I have a pending appointment with the other two Zatec brews, to see if they impress me more than the ones I’ve had.

  8. Late to the party, but I’ve only just had my local Kaufland open and start selling this. I’m in agreement – it’s just tastes like enough basic ingredients brewed in a way that makes them feel like it should be called EPA. And that’s it. Where’s the real flavour, intrigue, lightness? I was about to stock up the shopping trolley and glad I only got a couple.

    Back to the homebrew it is…

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