Louny Svetle Vycepni

Louny Svetle Vycepni

Louny Svetle Vycepni

I was shopping in Tesco and thought it would be a good idea to try something completely different, something I’d not seen before. So there was this bottle from Louny. So I picked it up, despite my wife saying she wasn’t sure about it and wouldn’t I prefer something else.

The Beer: 4.1%; light, golden brown in colour; has an almost honey smell to it, bitter, malty; tastes pretty much as it smells with a delicious honey-malt taste to it; slightly bitter after taste; light fizz.

One of the best beers I have had in a long time. Despite me saying there seem to be elements of honey sitting in there, it does not take over the taste and it certainly does not have a sickly-sweet taste to it. Fabulous, simple as that!

My guess is that this beer will result in a trip out to the town of Louny this summer.

Website: Drinks Union

One thought on “Louny Svetle Vycepni

  1. Oh, that’s excellent. Brež?ák also makes very good stuff: I think all the Drinks Union brands are high quality, at least for now…

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